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The Downsides of Self-Hosting

The tasks involved in setting up a website can be daunting for many councils who lack the resource of a tech-savvy member. From finding a host and registering a domain name, to design of the site and maintenance, these tasks are usually beyond the reach of most councils.

What's more, no web host does paper billing anymore. This means that someone has to pay for the hosting and then get reimbursed.

If these key people move and change councils, oftentimes the website becomes dormant and useless. Or worse, the bill goes unpaid and the website is lost forever.

The alternative is to use free pages on sites such as Facebook. The downside here is that someone else ultimately controls your site and its content, which may be flagged as "inappropriate" by humans or algorithms for championing causes such as pro-life. It also requires everyone who wants to subscribe to or contribute to your site to have an account on that system, which some people simply do not want to do.

Affordable Hosting, Unbeatable Convenience

Knightspot will create and host your council's site on our servers, back it up, and keep it up to date with the latest WordPress software and plugins. When we set you up, provide us an Excel file of your current membership and we'll import them as new users automatically. We'll even customize the site's colors to match those of your parish if you want. To top it off, we'll send an annual invoice to your financial secretary and accept a check for your council's convenience.

After that, the site is yours to use and keep updated however you want.

All this for only $100 a year, prepaid annually, with a $50 setup fee the first year.