Knightspot: Website hosting for your Knights of Columbus® council

If your Knights of Columbus council doesn't have its own website, Knightspot offers you an affordable and easy way to get one.

You don't need a tech-savvy member to set it up. You don't need to find a graphic designer to put it together. And unlike what's happening on social media sites, your council's posts will never face censorship or shadow-banning because of the stance of the Catholic Church on certain social issues.

Knightspot sites are designed with Knights of Columbus local councils and their members in mind. With your own website you can post news, photos, and prayer requests that will be automatically emailed out to all members. But that's not all. Your Knightspot site also has a calendar of events that can also track RSVPs. You can create signup sheets for volunteer events. And you can even keep the site updated with photos straight from your smartphone.
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Autonomy: A blessing and a curse

The structure of the Knights of Columbus® allows for a great degree of flexibility for its local councils. With over 15,000 local councils in the United States alone, this flexibility provides each local council the ability to modify and adapt the numerous programs and activities of the Supreme, State, and District councils to the local needs of their community. This high degree of autonomy allows each local council to operate at a high level of effectiveness since each council can tailor its activities appropriately.

There is a downside, however.

Each local council is also responsible for its own methods of communication to its members as well as to their community. For many councils, this is an area that is a burden and so it is largely overlooked. As a result, membership engagement, recruitment, and retainment suffers. Also, the community is frequently left unaware of the activities and numerous contributions of their Knights councils.

Improve Communication and Awareness with Knightspot

Knightspot is a service of Catholic Treehouse. It is a service that is created by a Knight, for Knights, to solve these problems.

The goal is simple: provide every Knights of Columbus local council a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain website that serves as the communication hub for their council, and a way of raising awareness of Knights activities within their community. Having your own website allows you to:
  • Increase member engagement
  • Increase member volunteerism
  • Improve recruiting
  • Improve success of fundraising events